Using Tumblr for Immediate Business Benefits

Tumblr is one of the most popular microblogging platforms on the Internet and has earned a lot of praise from users for its diversity in terms for features and content. There are numerous ways in which Tumblr might be used and one of the most underrated but effective modes is as a social marketing website. You should definitely start using Tumblr if you wish to reap the benefits of your business in order to unlock its full potential by promoting your page.

Why should you opt for Tumblr?

There is a possibility that you might already feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of social media websites existing at present and express concern regarding the need for another. However, you must understand that Tumblr excels in one area which other social media sites rarely focus upon – increasing the awareness of your brand. Tumblr is one platform that makes it almost effortless for you to post any content of your choice, videos, images, short descriptions, among others so that you are able to generate the requisite amount of interest. If you are unaware about the right method to promote your business on Tumblr, there is no cause for alarm since the process is very easy and should take you very little time to figure out. All you need to provide in order to become a part of Tumblr is your basic information, including your email, password and name.

How to go about the promotional process?

The first thing you must do is sign up for Tumblr. Creating your presence on this platform requires you to become a part of the community and you have to spend just a few minutes. Your basic details are all that is necessary for you to embark upon this wonderful new journey. The second step is more intricate and involves selecting an eye-catching and innovative design for your page. Tumblr understands the importance of customization and they want you to leave a lasting impression on your visitors. When you have an attractive design scheme and free Tumblr themes in place, it helps you attract greater amount of traffic to your page without any hassle. Tumblr templates provides you with access to thousands of Tumblr themes, both paid as well as free, and you need to choose the perfect one for your web page from among them. Of course, paid Tumblr designs are more detailed and offer advanced features like Tumblr banner maker but if budgetary concerns do not allow you that sort of luxury, you can definitely choose the free ones which, despite their limitations, are nonetheless serviceable. Explore all the creative avenues of best Tumblr themes at your disposal and choose a suitable design that complements the logo or image of your business.

Focus on the details

Try to follow all the noteworthy brands and companies that are making waves in your industry on Tumblr and if need be, you can also interact with them. You also get the opportunity to share any important developments going on in your company as posts on your wall so that you can gain fresh ideas to enhance the quality of your business. Infographics are a fun and handy way for brand promotion on Tumblr themes free of cost and if you wish to opt for a more visual route, then you will have no trouble. Images allow you to capture the attention of your target consumers easily and, at the same time, enables them to get a grasp of what the product is and what services your company is eager to offer.

How to Form Connections on Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the leading websites for blogging on the Internet in recent times and this makes it more simple and convenient for users to post the content of their choice on the platform. In order to ensure that your posts reach their target audience, it is important to locate the right people on Tumblr and the process is extremely fast and easy. You should understand that reaching out to people on Tumblr requires no effort on your part; just a bit of time and some interesting content that is capable of drawing in a sizeable audience.

Understanding the way Tumblr works for easier search experience

If you are familiar with the way that Tumblr works and want to search for specific people on the platform, then it is extremely important that you unlock the full potential of Tumblr so that it provides you with the best utilities. You should bear in mind right from the start that Tumblr is one of the numerous blogging websites found on the Internet which makes it quick for people to post the content and media of their choice and this is one of the reasons why the site is so popular. Searching for Tumblr is efficient and hassle-free and a search tab is present for you to type in the name of the person you wish to locate. This is one of the best methods to find people on the platform and it should be easy since there is only a single search entry that comes with a whole drop down list full of options for you to pick from.

Alternative methods to search for users on Tumblr

There is a method by which the entirety of Tumblr can be searched and it helps you pinpoint which users are on the list of people you follow on the platform. You can search for them using their username, email address or URL. All you need to do is type any of these into the search field and then begin your search process. If the person you want to find is a user on Tumblr, you will find all their information on the screen. There are also some other alternative sites that have been introduced which allow you to search for people on Tumblr. Searching for Tumblr users is no longer a massive task and there are plenty of options at your disposal. All you need to do is just go through them and see which one works the best for you.

Basics of Marketing on Tumblr: Do’s and Don’ts

Marketing your business on Tumblr is definitely a new experience in the field of blogging and unlike the WordPress platform, you remain connected to all the users of Tumblr. This is possible through the help of the innovative “tagging” system where your post shows up whenever you tag your content and somebody searches for the same tag. Though this might sound confusing in theory, it is actually very simple and once, you get the hang of it, you can unleash the power of tags to gain more reblogs, followers and likes. The way to get your content garner attention on Tumblr is tagging and you need to understand this perfectly if you want to promote your business on Tumblr.

Focus on the core content

It is true that the system of tagging makes promotions a breeze on Tumblr since the whole website comes with its own in-built SEO tools. However, you should always keep in mind, when posting any article on Tumblr make sure that you have the right tags in place and that the subject of the tags relate to what exactly your business is involved with. Moreover, when you are posting about projects that you have done with an important client, make sure that the tags reflect the nature of their business as well. This is going to lead you to more potential clients who belong to the same industry or field.

Never cram too much information in tags

It is always a good idea if you keep the tags on your posts a bit generic in nature. This is due to the fact that there is a greater chance of someone searching for the whole segment rather than a specialized part. There is a possibility that someone might actually search for specific tags but you should not risk that since statistics show that the frequency is quite less. On the other hand, it is also a proven fact that if you do start adding specific tags, your competition is bound to decline drastically. However, you cannot risk the possibility of no one ever locating your post on Tumblr. As a precaution, you could always add both the tags into the mix and get the best of both choices. You should definitely not become hashtag crazy though since it might prove to be too confusing and off-putting to the users.

Relevance is the key

The main motivating factor for posting content on Tumblr is relevance and this helps you reach out to a broader audience base. You have to put as many relevant tags as you can think of and it could pertain to specific concepts, activities or individuals. There is no limit to what you can add as tags to your content as long as it is directly related to the material present in your post. However, you should never make the mistake of developing a wall of tags. Once you post some content on Tumblr, the whole platform is able to see which tags were used for the post and there are numerous minimalist Tumblr themes that showcase your tags when there is a visitor on your blog. This can become a hindrance when you have a post featuring fifteen or ten tags.